We help Main Street families invest for the future. Billion Dollar Corporations have been helping Main Street families invest for the future since 2018. While many financial professionals aren't interested in working with the middle class, Billion Dollar Corporations is committed to helping Main Street families save and invest for their short-term and long-term goals.

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Why Mutual Funds at PFS Investments?

Power of Mutual Funds with PFS Investments

Mutual funds are one of the most effective long-term savings vehicles. Mutual funds are a great way to "become an owner, not a loaner." They give average families access to an investment vehicle with the potential to minimize risk through professional management and diversification. *All investments involve risk, but your PFS Investments Representative can help you understand those risks and guide you to select mutual funds that match your investment goals and risk tolerance.

PFS Investments' Mutual Fund Providers:

  • American Century Investments

  • American Funds

  • Invesco

  • Fidelity Advisor Funds

  • Franklin Templeton Investments

  • MFS Investment Management

  • Nuveen Funds

  • Putnam Investments

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, fees, and expenses of any mutual fund before investing. This and other important information can be found in the fund prospectus and/or summary prospectus, which may be obtained from PFS Investments, by calling the fund, or by visiting the fund's website. Please read each fund's prospectus carefully before investing. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

Your Financial Potential with Managed Investments

Explore the world of managed accounts through the Lifetime Investment Platform—an accessible gateway to actively managed investment models. These models, curated by seasoned investment professionals, provide a diversified selection of securities to optimize your portfolio.

Key Features

  • Ongoing Relationship: Experience personalized financial guidance with an ongoing relationship with your advisor.

  • Professional Money Management: Benefit from professional money management services and consolidated reporting.

  • Wide Range of Asset Allocation Strategies: Access a diverse range of asset

Maximize Your Financial Future with Lifetime Investment Platform

Unlock a world of possibilities through the Lifetime Investment Platform, providing access to managed accounts with actively curated investment models. Your ongoing relationship with a dedicated Primerica Advisor ensures professional money management services and consolidated reporting for a seamless investing experience.

Comprehensive Asset Allocation Strategies

Explore a diverse array of asset allocation strategies tailored to your financial goals. Your Primerica Advisor will guide you in selecting professional asset managers and models to meet your needs throughout your investing lifecycle.

Flexible Investment Models

Constructed using mutual funds, ETFs, or a blend of both, these investment models offer flexibility and adaptability. Work closely with your advisor to identify options aligned with your personal goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and investing preferences.

Adaptability for Changing Needs

Maintain control over your financial journey by adjusting your investment plan and model selection as your needs evolve. Your Primerica Advisor is there to assist you every step of the way.

Lifetime Investment Platform

Your Path to Financial Prosperity

Embark on your journey to financial prosperity with the Lifetime Investment Platform. Harness the power of managed accounts, connecting with your dedicated Primerica Advisor for optimized asset allocation and the achievement of your financial goals. Experience the power of managed accounts on the Lifetime Investment Platform. Connect with your Primerica Advisor to optimize your asset allocation and achieve your financial goals.

Discover the Potential of Lifetime Investment Platform - Your Partner in Financial Growth.

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